Our Harrogate bodyshop can bring your car back to new, if you have had a little bump or minor scratch or in need of a full panel repair. VCL can sort it!


Alloy Wheels

Curbed or scuffed alloys can make even the most special vehicle look mistreated. Our professional alloy wheel refurbishment service restores wheels to their original condition and can greatly increase the value of your car. The damage is sanded smooth, fillers are used if necessary, before the area is prepared for painting and finished with a high gloss 2pack lacquer.

Bumper Damage

Modern bumpers and other colour coded trims are easily repaired. Splits or cracks are plastic welded. The paint damage is filled, primed and resprayed, blending the repair into the rest of the bumper.
Textured, un-painted plastic bumpers and trims can also be repaired. These are filled and primed, then a texture spray which replicates the original finish is applied, before plastic paints are sprayed over the top.

Cigarette Burns

Whether it's your car or home, seat or carpet, a cigarette burn is unsightly. This leaves one of two options: complete replacement or a smart repair. We replace the burnt fibres with new ones to match the original fabric pattern as close as possible, making the repair almost invisible to the naked eye.

Interior & Plastic Trim

Unsightly damage caused by car phone kits or damage caused by thieves, can be repaired rather than having to resort to expensive replacement parts. Holes or tears are filled using plastic filler gels then sanded down, textured and recoloured. Our repairs can be carried out on most interior plastic trim. All repairs are strong virtually invisible and guaranteed to last.


VCL Aftercare leather repairs offer fantastic results that last whether it be a classic car just showing its age or that new sports car with a cut or scratch. Special repair techniques and materials are used to repair minor tears and holes.

Minor Recondition/damage

Had a minor bump or accident? Give VCL Aftercare a call for a quote we can probably repair the damage for less than your insurance excess.

VCL Aftercare Scratch Repair (SSR)

Sprayless Scratch Repair (SSR) is the latest SMART repair paint system available today.

SSR is a paint system, scuff, scratch & chip repair system that will take care of around 80% of the paint damage picked up during everyday driving. SSR paint can be applied on any panel including: bumpers, wings, bonnet, boot, side panels, roof, sills, spoilers around door handles and keyholes. It can repair small touch-ups to wide areas of damage.

The benefits of

SSR are as follows:-

  • Most repairs can be carried out at your home or place of work.
  • Much lower costs in comparison with a body shop.
  • Prices are usually well within insurance policy excess costs
  • SSR system provides a cosmetic repair solution for scratches, scuffs and chips rendering them virtually undetectable.
  • There are no environmental issues with SSR as NO harmful Volatile Organic Compounds are sprayed into the atmosphere during the repair process.
  • The repair process will retain the integrity of the original manufacturers paint warranty.

Panel Damage

Full panels can be repaired or replaced at our repair centre. The damage can be filled, primed and resprayed, using bodyshop quality products, painting only the damaged area and blending as far as necessary, to ensure your car remains as original as possible.

Paint Restoration

VCL Aftercare can bring your vehicles paintwork back up to its original colour, removing the pale and faded look whilst removing all minor scratches in one go. Our wet sanding technique actually lowers the paint surface by sanding quite a large area down with very fine emery paper, and then slowly buffing back to a high gloss.


Some scratches are more serious than others, that's why we have many different methods for removing them, from simply polishing them out to bodywork respray service.

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