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Selling your car through VCL

Sale or Return is becoming an increasingly popular way to sell your car. It is an agreement where you commission us to sell your vehicle as your agent, in precisely the same way you commission an estate agent to sell your house.

The Benefits of using VCL to Sell your vehicle

We sell vehicles professionally, full time. So we are well placed to maximise the potential of your vehicle. Invariably the return you receive for your vehicle is higher than its cash value. You also save a lot of time and expense as we take all the hassle out of selling your vehicle. We prepare it for sale, advertise it and deal with all potential buyers, tyre-kickers, canvassers and time-wasters. We even deal with any awkward haggling or unreasonable requests. As a professional motor dealer we are also in a position to offer potential buyers the things that you can't, such as Warranty, Finance and Part Exchange.

How does it work?

Firstly and most importantly, your vehicle will be in safe hands, it will be covered at all times by our Comprehensive Motor Trade Insurance and the key points of the Sale or Return Process are outlined below:-

  • You contact us with the details of your vehicle.
  • A meeting is arranged to allow us to appraise your vehicle's overall condition and we will conditionally accept your vehicle for Sale or Return providing it meets the necessary standards of VCL.
  • We then use our expertise and experience to calculate the retail value of your vehicle minus any vehicle preparation costs. We then deduct from this an allowance for advertising and our fee for selling the vehicle. We then supply you with a full breakdown of our costing which we use to generate a figure of how much you will receive once your vehicle is sold.
  • Now it's time to take receipt of your vehicle and to prepare it for retail. In some cases it may be possible for you to retain the vehicle for your own needs if for example it is your only source of transport.
  • A period of between 1 to 12 weeks is required to sell your vehicle with most vehicles selling within 4 weeks.
  • When your vehicle is sold, we will notify you of the amount you will be receiving and when this will be paid to you.

To find out if your vehicle qualifies for Sale or Return please send us the details of your car.

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